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on losing my faith in humanity

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As I’ve talked about before, the last several years have really shaken my faith in humanity. Even after living for four years with him in office, it still shocks me that 45 was ever elected. It shocks me that so many people bought into his rhetoric, no matter how vile, bigoted, and hateful it was. Even still. The man was openly racist, xenophobic, and sexist, and he was held up as a savior. That boggles my mind. It also contiues to shock me how easily so many people bought into the myriad of proven misinformation that was put out, much of it by 45 himself. So many outright lies, and they were so easily dismissed. I don’t understand that.

I don’t understand how it was so easy for so many to fall into the rabbit hole of QAnon and conspiracies. If one spent more than a few minutes really thinking about the logic of it, most of them fell apart within moments. But those who believed in them believed in them fervently. But when asked for justification and proof, those same people responded with vitriol and hate more often than not.

I’m a girl who likes facts. I also don’t believe much of anything without figuring it out for myself. I research everything. Why? Because I refuse to spread misinformation. I’m not going to take something I see on Facebook, Twitter, especially something from a dubious “source” like NewsMax, Brietbart, or, ack, Parler.

I lost faith in humanity because it became glaringly obvious how little most people care about anyone other than themselves. Just look at how this pandemic has been handled. The conspiracies, the rage at, God forbid, wearing a mask. If a surgeon can wear one for hours on end, why can’t you? If it helps one fellow human, isn’t it worth it? Sadly, no, it isn’t, not for a lot of people. There is a reason this pandemic has gone on so long, and it isn’t because of the mask wearers.

It isn’t just the masks that showed me how little people care about others. If an issue wasn’t something that directly applied to them or their loved ones, it ceased to matter. How many times I watched people dismiss social issues as unimportant because it wasn’t something that affected their own lives? To hell with anyone else. That is an attitude I cannot understand, will never understand. And it was just about always issues that affected a marginalized community.

This is what made it so obvious to me just how incredibly racist this world really is. The furor over Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter is a perfect example. How many times does it need to be explained? Of course, all lives matter; no one ever said otherwise. But Black lives are a part of that all, as are indigenous lives, LGBTQIA+ lives, Asian lives, Hispanic lives, etc. And until those lives are treated equally, then clearly all lives do not matter. It’s common sense. And all of the push to take away rights from LGBTQIA+ community. Those are people, too. Do their lives not matter?

This is about human rights, about the beliefs of one group of people believing they have the right to dictate the lives of others.

I’ve been loud about human rights and social issues throughout my life, especially the last several years. I’ve been cursed at, threatened, degraded. And I have zero shits to give. I have a voice, and I will use it.

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