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workin’ 9 to 5

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Occupational Info

Let’s talk about your job/former job.

1. What kinds of jobs have you had in life? Enjoy or not?

Oh, boy! I’ve worked a lot of jobs! Fast food in high school, retail in college. Then I was in the Army for years working as a linguist/intelligence analyst. Then I got out and worked as a tech writer for Corning Glass. Then I was an executive secretary/assistant in the Communications Department of a university. Then it was back in the Army as an administrative specialist. After I got out, I did web graphics/design for awhile. I also did blog writing for various businesses. Now I write fiction and edit others’ manuscripts. I loved the Army and tech writing, loved the web stuff, and now the editing and writing. The rest… meh.

2.What duties did you perform on your job.. give us a job description if you please.

Today? Well, I do all the things you’d imagine as an editor. I whip out the proverbial red pen. And writing is just as much about planning and marketing as it is about writing. I hate the marketing part, but it’s a necessary evil.

3. What training is required to do your type of job (and even a checker in a supermarket needs certain skills such as working well with people and being a bit technical.)

I don’t know that is required, but I have lots of writing experience. And I have a double BA in Literature and Creative Writing.

4.Is there a dream job you’d like to have or would have loved to have? Tell us about it, won’t you?

I have it, although I wish it were more lucrative.

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  1. I enjoyed your job description! I enjoy writing as well and my daughter is a free-lance editor and writer. It is so great to be able to put words down that cause thought and emotion. Good for you!


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