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thursday 13: things I want to make

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Today, I decide to curate a list of crafty things I want to make. Okay, I know there are a lot of gnomes… I’m only a little obsessed.

The patterns are linked in the captions where available.

1. holiday gnome ornaments

I bought this one from Etsy, and I can’t wait to make them! They’re tiny as written, but I plan on using a chunkier yarn and a bigger hook.

2. pineapple gnome

Seems appropriate for living in Hawaii! I bought this one from Etsy, and I can’t wait to make them! They’re tiny as written, but I plan on using a chunkier yarn and a bigger hook.

3. st. patrick’s gnome couple

The gnomes of my people!

4. envelopes for my 2022 journal

I want to make twelve, one for each of my tabbed monthly pages. I have white journal cards with either lines or graph that I want to use to keep track of all my work deadlines. The envelopes will hold the cards, making it easy to pull them out and add deadlines as I get assignments.

5. a boho dress

I’m definitely going to make some modifications to this, but the tutorial is good for a foundation to work from. I’m fluffier, so my dimensions need to accommodate my booty. And I would skip the dyeing step. Why bother when I can by the fabric already in the colors I may want. I’d probably make the neckline a little lower, too. And skip the trim on the bottom.

6. fat quarter wallet

I have a thing for fat quarters… love them! I don’t quilt, but I use them to make reversible handbags, pouches, bookmarks, all kinds of things. Fat quarters are great because they are a cheap source to make super unique finished products. This one only takes three!

7. bubble pods

I feel like these would make great yarn bowls for crocheting. I always crochet on the couch, my yarn in my lap. This would be great for setting on the arm of the couch and holding it in place so it doesn’t roll everywhere. Maybe even threading the working yarn through the loop. Or better yet, a second loop attached at the bottom rim of the opening.

8. writing notebook

Something like this, maybe scaled down a little, would be perfect for my bag. I always carry a small notebook with me so I can write down writing ideas and inspirations. This would be great to hold my notebook and a few pens all in one place.

9. terracotta side table

I want to do something like this to use as a side table on my lanai. Just a place to set my book and a drink. But I’d do it all in oceany shades of blue from dark at the base to light on top. All it takes is acylic-based silicone caulk, paints, and three pots: 10″, 12″, and 14″ pots with a 16″ saucer. I’d probably get bigger pots if possible.

10. this moon hanging

I would this with dried/silk flowers, sprigs of lavendar, etc.

11. a she shed

I desperately want a she shed. Some place I can go to write, read, craft. With a relaxed beachy feel to it!

12. standing garden beds

I can’t plant where I am. Partly because I live in housing where we’re not allowed to plant, but also because the soil is very full of clay, not great for the things I want to plant. Like chives, mint, lavendar, and other herbs.

13. making soap

I mostly use natural soaps because my skin tends to get bothered by a lot of the perfumes in soaps. So I’ve been thinking about getting into this.

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