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The first day,…

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Well, what is there to say about yesterday that hasn’t been said by a thousand bloggers today?  I spent most of my day glued to the TV, watching it all unfold.  Before this election, I really could have taken or left it all.  But I got pretty wrapped up in this one, and all the issues involved.  Same sex rights were a huge one for me, since I am a huge believer in equal rights, regardless of sexuality, and that includes marriage and all that comes with it.  The abortion issue and maintaining the right to choose was another hot one for me.  Military issues are always key to me as well, for obvious reasons.  I would also like to see the health care system improve, as well as education becoming more available to people who might not be able to afford it.  The environmental issues are also big ones for me. 


He definately is coming into the presidency at a rough time for our country, and I don’t envy him.  I just hope that people can put aside their political views enough that we can work together to make the needed changes and help our country grow stronger.    Support across the board is needed to make these changes and is the key to improvement.


On a less serious note, I loved Aretha Franklin singing at the inauguration.  Only Aretha could wear that hat!  You can listen to her sing HERE.  I also loved the thumbs up he got from his little girl, too cute!  I watched some of the coverage of the balls and LOVED seeing the Army soldier, SGT Margaret Herrera, dance with the president at the Commander In Chief’s Ball, video HERE.  Definately a moment to remember, but there were a lot of those yesterday!

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3 responses to “The first day,…

  1. Hi Kiki. Very well said. I am excited to see what is in store for us. I hope that is going to be a wonderful new beginning for our country. I am sorry you haven’t heard much from Corey. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for everyone affected by deployment. My BIL goes to Iraq for his second time in a few months. He will be running guntrucks for security missions. I really can’t wait until all the soldiers are back and this is over. We are so lucky to have everyone willing to fight for our country and defend us. It has to be so hard and I hope that you are able to hear from him more soon. You are a very strong lady – sending hugs to you. If I find some calgon, I will send some your way as well. :-) :rose:

  2. Kiki as a non American, I still was glued to it all day on my t.v.. I think this guy has something different about him, a serenity, something I can’t put my finger on.. I love him I think he is fabulous, policies or not, I think if the american people are patient this maybe the guy to bring great times… I am like you not very political at all because you see one politician you see them all but Barry certainly has my head turned all the way from over here.. I wrote about it too in my blog, just like the other millions have..

    Have a fabulous day Kiki!!


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