5.21.2009 | Thursday

O445 came early, & other stuff, too!

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If there was ever a need for coffee,…
It would be this morning!  My friend and neighbor Crystal got a new job and is going to be working night shifts so they have her beginning training at the god-awful hour of 0500.  Normally her husband doesn’t leave for post until about 0545 but this morning he had to leave by 0500 to be at work by 0600, so that meant earlier rising for Kiki!  Blah!  Thank the Goddess for coffee, and lots of it!  But 6 of the 7 kids that were gracing my house in the early morning hours have gone to school, so it is just Login and I now for a few hours!

American Idol
To be honest, I was pretty okay with whoever won last night.  Hell, I would have been okay with either of them OR Danny or Alison.  I loved the finale, though.  The sheer variety of musical acts was great and I loved some of the guest musicians that were featured, like Steve Martin and his band.  Totally not your typical American Idol fare, but that is why I loved it!  Kiss was on, too,… talk about a contrast of genres with Steve Martin!  All in all, I think Adam probably lucked out at not getting the win.  He is so unique in his style that I think he would have been too fenced in, trying to fill American Idol obligations when cutting his first album.  At least this way, he can stay true to himself and his music and sing what HE wants to sing.  I don’t think there is much doubt that he will have a career, even without the American Idol win.  Hell, it seems that the runners up sometimes have done better than the winners, like Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson.

To the man in the black Silverado,…
I just went to the local Nice ‘n Easy to drop off a hoodie for Crystal, and as I was getting Login bac into his car seat, a man a beautiful black Silerado parked next to me called out to me.  He saw the dog tags I was wearing and wanted to know if they were mine.  I told him they were Corey’s and that he was currently deployed to Afghanistan.  He proceeded to get out of his truck and come all the way around just to shake my hand and say thanks for both Corey’s service and mine as a supportive wife back home.  It touched my heart!  As the conversation went on, it turns out he was a Vietnam vet who turned 19 in the jungles of that country.  He said he had a lot of respect for people who continue to serve after doing time in a combat zone.  When he discovered that I, too, was a vet, he was so sweet in his thanks.  Not very often am I suprised in a good way but I was definately today!

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One response to “O445 came early, & other stuff, too!

  1. I’m so glad that he stopped to thank you – you deserve more thanks! More people need to be mindful of the sacrifices you and other families like yours are making. Even those of us who are skeptical of all the reasons why we got involved in this mess or those who wonder why we haven’t bailed out before now need to recognize that this is unbelievably difficult for our military families.

    I’m glad that you and my other military wife friends are still finding the hope and energy to get out of bed every day to raise your kids, work and contribute to society here at home, manage the hearth and keep hope alive. Keep hangin’ in there! I think of you & your challenges every day. :)


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