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friday 5: mental health again

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1. What’s the best thing you’ve done for yourself in recent days?

Tuesday was a hard day for me, the anniversary of losing my father. So I took it easy on myself that day. I did yoga on the lanai when it was early enough that my only company was the birds. I took a long, hot bath with a good book and a cup of coffee. I gave myself a facial. I did all the self-care things I could. And when the feelings hit, I let them, accepted them, and did my best to let it go.

2. What have you to overcome in the coming days?

I wouldn’t say it’s a massive undertaking, but I have a lot of work to do on a novel I’m writing. There are some plot points I’m struggling with, trying to get certain things to work.

3. What’s growing inside you?

Stories, always stories. I’m constantly jotting down notes in a little notebook I keep in my bag or by my chair. Lots of them end up in the books I write.

4. What has lately been your escape?

Normally, it’s the beach, but I haven’t been able to go for a few weeks. The beach and a book. Lately, it’s been World of Warcraft, books, and bingeing Ink Master.

5. What amazing thing have you recently crammed into your maw?

I made chicken fatteh the other night. That was both new and amazing!

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