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thursday 13: naturally pink

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Today’s themes: pink and nature!

1. the orchid mantis

2. pink hibiscus

Pink hibiscus flower (Copy)
image: Kanoa

3. small elephant hawk moth

4. roseate spoonbill

5. rose-breasted cockatoo (galah parrot)

6. pink katydid

7. okinawa cherry blossoms

8. pink robin

9. peonies

image: Wikipedia

10. himalayan white-browed rosefinch

11. pink lotus

12. pink dolphin

13. flamingos

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7 responses to “thursday 13: naturally pink

  1. I never knew about pink mantises and katydids! I always thought those pink dolphins were kind of weird looking! Is the USS George W. Ingram pink? I think that’s a leftover from last week’s 13!

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