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friday 5: on the dotted line

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1. What did you last put your signature on?

A receipt at the store. Nothing too interesting!

2. How legible is your signature?

Quite! By all rights, it probably shouldn’t be, due to the sheer amount of hand issues I have. Lots of permament soft tissue damage in both thumbs and middle fingers, repeated broken wrists… to name a few!

3. How has your signature changed over time?

I don’t think it has, much. But I work at it, with the aforementioned hand issues.

4. When did you last initial something?

I initialed a publishing contract a while back.

5. Is there a story behind your given name, or is it just a name?

So originally, my birth-cert first name was Kimmie. However, when I was 17 and getting my paperwork together to go into the Army, I needed a new birth cert. This was in the late 80s, before everything was computerized. Instead, birth records were in giant books. So when the clerk recreated my birth certificate, she glanced at my record, saw “Kim” and assumed my name was Kimberly. I didn’t notice until much later, by which time, it wasn’t worth the effort to fix it. No one called me Kimmie anyway but for my grandfather and two friends.

As for the name itself, originally my mom wanted to name me Heidi. My did nixed that and came up with THE most basic-bitch name of the 1970s. Hence, I was one of 5 Kims in my grade. My middle name is Covey, which was my maternal grandfather’s middle name, too. A family name.

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One response to “friday 5: on the dotted line

  1. I was one of a bunch of Lisas when I was in school! Still, there weren’t as many Lisas as there were Smiths, my maiden name. Funny how names change in popularity over the decades. If I’d been a boy (and no one knew until the baby was born) I was going to be Christian Skyler. I think my mother might have been joking when she said, “Or, Sebastian.” Now Skyler is for girls too.


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