1.12.2009 | Monday

This, that, & 1 week down,…

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The countdown begins
Well, Week 1 of the deployment is now over.  He is in Afghanistan, but not at his final destination yet.    I am going to assume that no news is good news since I haven't heard from him since right after he got there, which is totally normal.  Since he was sick when he left, I can only hope that he is feeling marginally human again.  But I think that is probably just wishful thinking! 

The year of Kiki
I don't do resolutions at New Year's, mainly because I find them somewhat of a recipe for failure.  It is a proven fact that most people break their resolutions within the first month, and that just totally kills the motivation for me.  So I make goals instead.  My goals for the year,…

  • Lose about 50lbs, more or less.  I'm not too picky because I have had 4 kids and I am  pushing 40.
  • Find some inner peace again.  2008 was a really rough year for me and I really lost faith in a lot of things.
  • Get in touch with my spirituality again.  Like I said, I lost a lot of faith and my spirituality was one of them.
  • Get my house organized and reduce my material goods by at least 25%.
  • Make myself a priority, as well as my family.
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5 responses to “This, that, & 1 week down,…

  1. I’m hoping he stays safe and that you hear from him soon.

    I like your weight goal. The more or less is good, because, if you think about it, it also takes into account that you can *gain* weight while losing inches, courtesy of muscle mass :)


    Happy Nat’l Delurking Day!!

  2. CJ

    aww Kiki , I know what its like =(
    He will be safe , yes my son is now home , but my other will be deploying to afghanistan this year and now , my youngest son will be joining the army as well =)
    keeping those deployed in my thoughts <3

  3. Hey sweetie…I love your goals…goals are AWESOME! BTW…could you contact me. I think I might have something to help with one of those goals.!! Email is attached!

    I hope you hear from Corey soon and find out if he’s become more human! My gal pal Tina’s hubby is home on R&R but it’s going to make the butt end of his tour a looooong one!

    See ya on the flip side!

    )0( BB )0(

  4. I hope that he is safe and feeling better. Good goals hun! I have lost my spirituality as well so that is one of my goals this year to get back to it. I am working on it slowly but surely. Sending you love.


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