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The flaming bitch switch!

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The quickest way to turn me into a flaming bitch is to be an ass of a neighbor.  And I am well on my way to being a complete flaming bitch.  I am normally pretty laid back about noise around here, because to some extent, it just goes with living in an apartment building and with families with little kids.  These buildings are definately not soundproofed and I live in a downstairs unit, so I have to expect a certain amount of overhead noise.  I am totally okay with all of that, way more okay than Corey would be if he were here.

But this shit is getting ridiculous, and it isn’t just the noise.  As I sit here and type this, I am sitting at my desk, about 10′ from my TV.  And I have to have the volume up ridiculously high just to hear it.  My walls are shaking hard enough that it knocked a picture off the wall and onto the cat, minding her own business and sleeping on the couch.

To top it off, there are about a billion little kids and nobody is watching any of them.  They are all 6 and under and they are all over the place with not a single adult out there.  Ty is out, too, but he is with Ka’lani who is 12 and totally capable.  Scott is out, too, but he has rules and follows them, going only where he tells me he is going.  The moms are out of town and the two fathers are paying zero attention to any of them.  And just now, I heard a crash outside my door, and it was one of the little ones from upstairs.  He had fallen down the stairs and was crying.  I opened my door to see if he was okay and his dad appeared at the top of the stairs, screaming at him for crying, wanting to know why.  I told him his kid fell down the stairs and he didn’t even respond.  All he did was yell at the kid who was standing in front of me scared and crying and tell him to shut up, that he had a bike helmet on and should be fine.  He didn’t even walk his lazy ass down the stairs or even respond to me.  The kid is only about 2 years old, for God’s sake.  He yelled for the kid to come upstairs, whereupon I t urned around and slammed my door shut.  Between his music and his bullshit, I have about had it!

Some of it is just stupid stuff that just shouldn’t even be an issue.  The little ones have made a mud hole out of my neighbor’s lawn, right next to my parking slot.  They have taken to filling buckets of the stuff and dumping it on MY truck.  My kids wouldn’t even think to do that, especially to someone else’s car.  WTF?!!  And do any of them even offer to clean it up?  Of course not.  I even found ice cream smeared all over it a few days ago, the day after I had it cleaned at the dealers.  I was pissed right the hell off.  They have COVERED the common entrance sidewalk and walls with mud and the parents know it.  And no one has even made the effort to clean it up so we are all walking through it and tracking it into our houses.  You are damn straight that if my kids did it, their little asses would be out there cleaning the shit up.

At least when the moms are here, it is a little better.  One of the moms is just fine, the other one, the one that belongs with this asshole, is marginally better than the husband.  But I am about ready to turn the flaming bitch switch on and go combat on their asses.  What the hell happened to common courtesy and manners?  I rarely say shit about the music or the loud partying, and I don’t get up in their faces about shit, but this is ridiculous.  The few times I have said anything, I have been beyond polite, for all the good it has done me.  Grow the hell up!!

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2 responses to “The flaming bitch switch!

  1. I hate rude neighbors. Mine had a party friday night, and one of thier a-hole friends was outside crowing like a rooster at 1 in the morning. I finally got fed up and went outside to yell. I have a baby. I light sleeping hard to put down and once he is I keep the house as quiet as a museum baby. The quieted down, but it didn’t last long. Next time, I just call the cops. *sigh*

  2. Kiki, you’ve got every right to flip the bitch switch on. I would if I were you.
    Some “adults” just don’t deserve to be called parents.

    Hope you’re okay.
    Take care!


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