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California Blues

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Miss California and her anti-gay platform
You know, I am all about freedom of speech and freedom of opinion.  I respect the strength it has to take to stand up for Miss California to stand up for her beliefs on gay marriage, knowing how unpopular and controversial those beliefs are.  But I just don’t see her as the symbol of America’s feelings on the subject that she seems to think she is.  I have heard her repeatedly state that she is protecting traditional marriage.  I don’t know, but something about the way she saids it just drives me nuts.  She makes a lot of cliched statements, but doesn’t ever really explain them.  How do you take this kind of stance without explaining your reasoning in depth?  It just seems like an almost arrogant position to put herself in,… The Protector of Marriage.  Protect it against what, exactly?  Does she think that brigades of gay men and women are going to go door to door, trying to convert the vulnerable straight people?  I just don’t get this idea that society needs protecting from the marriage of same sex couples.  I totally understand the religious views of the subject, and while I don’t personally agree with that view, I respect the belief.  What I don’t understand is why it matters so much.  Even if you don’t believe in same-sex marriage, how is it going to affect your life if two same-gendered people enter into marriage?  It is their marriage, their choice, their lives.  Why is it so personally offensive to those who don’t accept the idea?  No personal harm is being done to you, so why is it any of your business?  What gives you the right to judge?  It is about respect.  You don’t have to agree with it, or even understand it, but there should be respect.  Respect for freedom,… freedom of choice, of religion, of beliefs, of sexuality.

Life’s a bitch, and so am I.
Or so the general consensus says.  The past several days in my world have been rather enlightening for me, and not necessarily in a good way.  All it really did was leave me feeling like I was attacked and that I just can’t win, no matter what I do.  I don’t even think the whole situation even needed to happen, much less in the way that it did.  No matter how hurt and offended I was, I tried really hard to temper my words to avoid causing any more pain or offensiveness than was absolutely necessary to stand up for myself.  But I definately didn’t get the same consideration and I guess that really bothers me.  I guess I believe that one person doesn’t have the right to trivialize or ridicule the feelings of another, even if they don’t agree.  And that is exactly what happened and I didn’t deserve it.  You just don’t talk to somebody the way I was talked to and expect them to not be offended and hurt by it.  I just don’t like being made to feel that I don’t have a right to be angry or hurt or offended.  It just makes me feel that it doesn’t really matter how I am feeling.  It doesn’t matter if you agree with me or not, it is just a matter of a little respect for the fact that I am allowed to feel however I want and that those feelings are just as valid, important and legitimate as your own.  I know I will get over it, but that doesn’t happen overnight, at least for me.

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One response to “California Blues

  1. Didn’t you know?? People don’t like assertive women! The fact that you can stand up fr yourself in at least 5 languages is very intimidating so people have to use whatever defenses they have, no matter how lame or childish. ;-) I hope your day gets better from here.

    I get frustrated with the whole same-sex-marriage issue, too. The problem is that we are not addressing the issue from the right angle. It is not an issue of right or wrong or good and bad – it is an issue of being free to chose what is right or wrong for you. I think we need to have guaranteed & complete separation of Church and State before we can reach agreement about marriage laws. Some groups do honestly feel that their religious practices could be threatened by legislation supporting Gay Marriage. True separation of Church and State (meaning that the government wouldn’t try to force any religious group to perform same sex marriages) might help assuage some of those fears and allow the conversation to go forth in a more productive way.

    We just aren’t very good at being reasonable around here. :)


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