5.26.2009 | Tuesday

Weekend Wrapup

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Sleep, blissful sleep!
The kids had a four-day weekend, thanks to an unused snow day on Friday and Memorial Day yesterday, which translates to the Domestic Goddess NOT having to get up at the butt crack of dawn for two extra days!  I actually slept in past 0800 and got more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep, which in my world of insomnia is completely unheard of!  YAY, sleep.  Suprising, because I can’t seem to ever get comfortable.  I bought all new pillows a few months ago, since my other ones were quite possibly older than Donovan, who is 16.  Okay, maybe that is a BIT of an exaggeration, but you get the point.  I like me a firm pillow, a very firm one, while Corey is happy with a pillow-shaped thing stuffed with air.  So I bought two primarily air-filled ones, and 2 extra firm ones, which I am pretty sure need the pillow version of Viagra, since I don’t think they qualify as “extra firm”!  Add to that a neverending need to inhale Tums at night, and overcoming my insomnia RARELY happens.  So, more than 4 hours of sleep fills me with a weird sense of pride!

Old Friends
It is weird how many old friends have come out of nowhere lately, mostly thanks to Facebook!  People I haven’t seen in YEARS, from high school friends to friends that I have been stationed with at one point or another.  In a couple of cases, we didn’t necessarily part on the best of terms and it has been really nice to get a little closure on those things and move on.  It is just crazy to me that with a few of them, a lot of time has passed since we last saw or talked to each other (with one, it has been almost 21 years!) and yet we have picked up like that time never happened.  I would have thought that would be impossible since SO much time has passed and people change with time and experiences.

Playing a bit
I got playing with the settings and took a ton of self-pics while being silly!  Just a sample, which is clickable!

Playing with the camera!

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