7.2.2009 | Thursday

Rain, rain, go away,…

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Because it means my children have to stay inside and that may not end well for me.  It is a simple equation. 

rain + summer vacation + Scott = headache for the Mama

That is all there is to it.  The child is not happy about anything today and it has been nonstop all day.  If 7yo boys could be visited by Auntie Flo, I would be thoroughly convinced that was the problem.  But, seeing as that is biologically impossible, I guess I have to go with the butt head theory.  Apparently, I am entirelt incapable of doing anything right by him.  Of course, I am not alone in that, since no one else is doing any better than I am!  It is just one silly thing after another.  If anyone has anything, he has to have it, too, despite the fact that whatever it is wasn’t even on his radar screen until he saw it.  But he can’t just ask for it.  He has to whine for it, like it is a big conspiracy and we are all deliberately trying to keep him from having a glass of water or pulling the rope to close the garage door.  Yes, these are the kinds of things we are whining over.  Then there is the constant need to try to get his brothers in trouble.  I can’ t count the number of times he has come to me to tattle on one brother or another.  And not once has it been legitmate.  He is just pulling stuff out of his 7yo butt.  And then, upon not getting the desired response from the Mama, he goes to them and starts whispering nasty, mean things in their ears.  He is a delight to be with today.  I may change my name, from “mom” to perhaps “Jilly Bob”.  I am bored with “mom”.  Help me.  Please?!!!!!

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