12.10.2009 | Thursday

The countdown begins,…

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We are two weeks from the end of deployment now,… FINALLY!  I still refuse to get excited until the very day he comes home, though.  I know how that sounds, but I am also more than well aware of how often things can change at the last moment.  As it is, he was supposed to be home on December 16th but got pushed back to Christmas Eve.  Hell, we weren’t even 3 weeks out when he got extended for 3 months last deployment!!

Two of his soldiers are going to be staying with us for a few months, so I have been busy getting ready for them, too.  One of them is getting out of the Army, so he is staying with us until he gets out.  He is flying in tonight, although I won’t see him for a few more days since he is going to visit his wife.  The poor guy just got married in May while he was R&R and then had to leave her to go back.  So he will be going to see her just about every chance he gets while he stays here.  The other guy gets back with Corey on Christmas Eve.   He is PCSing to Arizona and it isn’t worth moving his wife & kids back for just a few months so he is bunking in with us, too. 

So imagine life for me,…!  7 males and only 1 me!!

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