12.16.2010 | Thursday

A bad blogger,…

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I have been a bad blogger for the last several months!  I used to blog all the time, just about every day, but I guess I have been in more than a little bit of a rut.  I feel almost like I have been going through the motions but not really living life, I guess.  It’s too early in the morning to be very philosophical, especially when I have yet to have any of my still hot coffee!!

Blah.  I totally need that coffee right now.  Barely 0700 and it has already drained me.  Sometimes I think the way I start most of my days is part of what makes me feel like I am in a rut.  When you have to start just about every day with crap, it’s kind of hard to look forward to each new day.  On school days, I have to get up at least 15 minutes early every day, just to make sure I can get Corey out of bed without him making me and the kids late in getting ready for their school day.  It is ridiculous.  It takes me on average of that 15 minutes to get him up, having to fight and nag him into it, sometimes even having to resort to yanking him out.  And I generally get attitude the entire time, like it is my fault he has to get up.  It drives me crazy that I have to do this every single morning, even the mornings I don’t have to get up.  And never does he really apologize for it or even try to understand why it annoys the hell out of me.  I mean, let’s think about it.  I get up, and no one is there to nag me repeatedly!  He’s a big boy; why should I have to do this every day.  It just completely ticks me off sometimes, how unbalanced our family is.  I mean, lots of it, I accept because it is only practical with him being deployed and gone all the time.  But there are things he could do, and he just doesn’t.  Like getting up when he’s woken up instead of making me nag every single day.  I absolutely dread it every morning.  :-X

Here ends my rant of the day, since my coffee is now cool enough to drink!

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