3.8.2013 | Friday

The good and the bad…

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The good…

Well, the telling of the children went well!  I told Donovan who responded with a series of “OMG, OMG, OMG” before calming down.  For the younger three, Corey set the stick down on the table and acted like he found it in the trash and somebody was in trouble!  They sat in stunned silence for a moment.  Scott and Ka’lani recognized it for what it was and just sat there.  Corey told them to look at it, which they did.  Ka’lani mutters “pregnant” at just about the same time Scott did.  It took about 10 more seconds for them to get it and then they went nuts.  Ka’lani squealed for about a half hour.  Scott just sat there and grinned at me with a goofy face.  Ty jumped up and hugged me and started kissing my stomach.  He was the one I was worried about, seeing as he is my little man and super attached to me.  Instead, he is all kinds of excited.  So I am much relieved by that!

The bad…

I have clearly irritated some people by getting pregnant.  I have had more than my fair share of snotty comments made to me about it.  I also had a few be nice to my face and then go ahead and be passive-aggressively rude about it.  I respect that there are those with fertility issues and such, but I didn’t plan my unplanned pregnancy to offend anyone.  Hell, I didn’t truly think I still could get pregnant.  So that sucks, but what exactly am I supposed to do about it?  It definitely sucks, because I could really use a good friend right now about it.

In the meantime, it is what it is.  I am definitely concerned about my age and all the issues that can come with that, but I can’t do anything about that for awhile yet.  I am trying not to stress too hard about it, but it is really not easy to do.  Today I go see the nurse on post for pregnancy counseling and to get set up with a referral to an OB/GYN in town to get my pre-natal started.

Holy crap.  How the hell did this happen?!  Yes, I know what leads to it (!) but I am still beyond shocked and a little freaked out about it!

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