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30 Days of Lists: Days 6-8

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I am playing catch-up today with my weekend lists.  It was a rough weekend and a busy one, too.  I spent most of it trying to get my head together and working on my finals.  Less than two weeks to go in the semester, so it is a busy time with that, too!

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D14 List 6 - Favorite words to write

Credit:  Holiday Cheer kit from Crisdam Designs, purchased from Ginger Scraps (no longer available)


We’re an Army family; I’m a vet and my husband is still active duty.  “Welcome home” are the best words to write on our signs, but even better to say.  It has been 2.5 years since the end of the last deployment, the longest since 9-11.  I count my blessings!  And there is never a bad time to write “I love you” to those you do love!

I am working on a novel and I finished a few other pieces and there is such joy in writing those last two words… the end!

D14 List 7 - Things I think about in the shower

Credit:  Holiday Memories kit by Inspired Designs,  purchased from Ginger Scraps


I have way too much on my mind these days, in and out of the shower.  I am completely overwhelmed, and not in the usual “I’m a busy mom/wife/student” kind of way.  The intelligent part of me screams to me that I need to find a way to relax before I lose it completely, but my heart doesn’t seem to be getting the message.  :(

D14 List 8 - Things that put me in a good mood

Credit:  What a Man collab kit, purchased from Ginger Scraps


Lately, I wish I could spend all my time doing just these things!

And I realized belatedly that I forgot to add some elements to the card!  I am going to have to go back and do that and upload the new and improved!

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