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FFS, get a clue…

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I just watched an interview on TV with Jenna Ryan, the twatwaffle realtor from Frisco who got busted for her part in last year’s insurrection. She’s the one that tweeted, pre-sentencing…

“Sorry, I have blonde hair, white skin, a great job, a great future, and I’m not going to jail,”

Then she was sentenced to 60 days in federal prison, so that didn’t age well. Even if that amount of time is lame as fuck, which says something about the sentences being handed down, as hers was actually one of the most severe for those convicted of charges other than those of violence or vandalism. Still lame. Especially since this bitch is clearly still fully radicalized. She’s stated regret for entering the Capitol… because of how she’s been victimized. Boohoo. My heart is bleeding for you.

She’s done a slew of interviews, often comparing the backlash she’s received as a result of her involvement in the insurrection to the treatment of Jewish people in Germany. Are you fucking kidding me? I read a story on NBC news full of quotes from her, versions of the same rhetoric she’s been spewing on TV, and the quotes turn my stomach. She’s trying to portray herself as a victim. Give me a fucking break. She’s also freely admitted trying to use her notoriety to get famous and bolster her business, which suffered because of her part in the insurrection.

She surrendered to prison a few days before Christmas, even though her report date wasn’t until this month. I’m sure that will somehow become part of her post-prison plan. She’s made no secret she plans to use her experience to further her pro-Trumpian agenda. She also clearly doesn’t get the reality of what she’s in for. She’s been posting all over social media, talking in interviews, about how prison will be great for working out, losing weight, doing yoga, and detoxing. Okay, sweetheart, you delusional twat.

And the biggest white/financial privilege of all… she talked to prison consultants about how to live a prison life. For fuck’s sake.

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2 responses to “FFS, get a clue…

  1. Oh, I can imagine her saying “They put me in prison for Christmas!” Anyone listening to her isn’t going to check out the truth. Isn’t she the one who flew to the capital in a private jet? I think she’s Texan.


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