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friday thoughts & friday 5

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friday thoughts


I may be hitting the road next summer, and by hitting the road, I mean hitting the air as well. It would be otherwise difficult to get to Philly. My brother asked me to meet him and his daughters there to go to a Pink concert. For him, it’s a 6.5- to 7.5-hour drive. For me, it’s a 20-minute drive, followed by an 11+-hour flight of several hundred dollars. Will I do it? More than likely. I’m a sucker for my brother and my nieces.

as the brain burns

As I mentioned in my post on Wednesday, my head has been killing me for days. I’m happy (NOT) to report, it is still going strong. I’m not a fan of the experience. 0/5. Do not recommend.

the downside of writing for a living

Is the social media/marketing aspect. I hate it. There’s nothing comfortable about self-pimping one’s own books. However, it’s necessary. So yesterday I started prepping my 2024 social media content calendar. Engagement is important, but I still hate it. And it’s a lot of work. I’d rather just write. But it is what it is, I suppose.

friday 5: said it really loud; said it on the air

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a note… I love the Donna Summer reference of this meme!

1. Where do you go when this old world starts getting you down, and people are just too much for you to face?

Easy question. The beach. There is nothing more healing to the heart and soul than the feel of sand and salt on my skin, the sun shining, the breeze.

2. Where do words flow out like endless rain into a paper cup?

For me, that’s writing. I pour it all out in the stories I write. Some get published, some don’t, but they are all a release.

3. Where have you found yourself searching, searching for shelter again and again?

It’s cheesy, but my husband. He makes me feel safe in ways I’ve never felt before him. Even if we occasionally disagree, I have utter faith we will always come back together, and that he will always have my back.

4. Where can you smell the sea and feel the sky, and let your soul and spirit fly?

Ha! See #1. The beach. All the elements converge here. I feel my most authentic self when I am there.

5. Where can you swing it; where can you move it; where can you really start to groove it?

Wherever I feel like it! I dance a lot, almost every day. To whatever music feeds my soul in the moment.

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