2.23.2009 | Monday

Not a good start!

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Monday morning came early today!
Not that I didn’t expect it, but 0530 still came too early.  But that could be because I got no sleep last night.  Literally, no sleep.  So, upon ridding the house of children, I stumbled back to my big warm bed and collapsed within it.  Of course, it took me more than an hour to actually fall asleep.  So, I have gotten all of 2 hours of sleep.  Not a good start to one’s day! 

I finally got up and showered and was in the midst of drying my hair and the phone rang.  The bright side to my morning, because it was Soldier Daddy!  Apparently, they FINALLY have their phone access so I might actually get to hear from him more than once in a blue moon!  So that was a GOOD start!

Then came the next phone call, not so good.  It was the principal of the elementary school that Scott and Ty go to.  I instantly assumed it was a Scott call, but I was totally wrong.  It was Ty.  Apparently, he was being grouchy as hell, and not being a good boy.  I was mortified.  He left for school in a good mood, with not a single problem.  Somewhere between here and there, things changed and he decided to be a butt head.  It wasn’t anything major, like fighting or anything, but disruptive behavior, NOT something he should be doing.  So he got sent to the principal’s office and she called me to talk to him.  Being self conscious about his speech, he wouldn’t talk much to her because he doesn’t know her all that well, nor would he talk to me on the phone in front of her.  So that was a wasted attempt at conversation so it became a Mama monologue.  WTF?  That is NOT like him and I am NOT happy about it.

After all of that, I went back to drying my hair, interrupted when Soldier Daddy called.  The first thing I did?  I got my round brush stuck in my hair.  It hurt like hell and was a pain in the ass to get out again.  My scalp still hurts! 

But I have coffee now so things are improving!

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