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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Valentine’s Blues
Since The Husband is in Afghanistan, I am feeling sort of anti-Valentine’s today, but that’s normal, I suppose!  I have to pick up Donovan from play practice in a little bit and go rent some chick flicks, my one nod to Valentine’s!  :heart:

The neverending battle with children.
I swear that it is a conspiracy with the younger two kids.  I think their goal in life is to piss me off to the point that I lose what is left of  my mind.  They are winning.  I just want to slam my head against a wall until I sink into unconsciousness.  It is the same stupid shit every single damn day and I am so beyond frustrated with it.  I feel like all I do is yell and it is tiring.  I am sick of fighting with them all the time and being angry all the time. :beatup:

Today has been a busy day, having to be up early to get Donovan to practice.  Then came grocery shopping, a necessary fact of life that I HATE to do.  All the walking between the two grocery stores absolutely kills my foot, never having fully healed from the break a few months ago, much less the ever present, permanent issues with it that I have had since 2001.  I had 2 hours to get it done and get it all home, leaving me a half hour to get to the library before it closed and I had to pick up Donovan for lunch.  So, I got it home and Ka’lani and I unloaded the car.  He is 11 and Scott is 7 and they have helped me put stuff away a thousand times.  They know perfectly well  how to do it.  So I left it in their not so capable hands and headed off to my next stop.  I dropped Donovan off after lunch (another story) came home to find my house looking like a tornado had touched down.  There were candy wrappers EVERYWHERE, just thrown on the floor.  WTF?!  The sink was piled high with their dirty dishes, despite the fact that the dishwasher was completely empty right next to it.  Somebody had dropped and broken PopTarts on the floor and nobody even bothered to pick them up.  There was food ALL OVER the counters.  It was freaking insane.  And to top it all off, I had bought two big things of Valentiney cookies and they are now missing.  Nobody claims responsibility but somehow they just disappeared into thin air.

I am so f*&king sick of the constant battle with these two.  SHOOT ME NOW!

NY Quits=porn
So I took Donovan and two of his friends to lunch tiday and they were telling me that the NY Health Departments quit line that is advertised all over the state on TV and in print is actually a porn line.  I thought they were joking, even after they realated a story about one of their friends dialing it and hearing it.  So Donovan whipped out his cell, dialed it and handed it to me.  THEY WEREN’T LYING!!  I just about died when I heard the voice ask if I wanted to dump my load on a pair of double d’s!!  What the holy hell?!  How do they not know that their line goes to phone sex?!!  Apparently nobody is taking them up on their support line!  So I guess I will be placing a call on Tuesday when the offices are open again!  HOLY CRAP!  :doh:

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3 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  1. What a miserable way to start the weekend. Give the boys some Strawberry Quick spiked with Benadryl tonight and order out for pizza and bon-bons. :) ang in there.

    BTW – what’s up with your foot?

  2. oh Kiki I totally understand where you are coming from with the kid thing.. Apparently nobody is an actual person who comes into the house when you are not there causing chaos.. Yeah nobody visits me and Mr Idon’tknow two of my favourite people.. I actually found an answer to this. Which is when Mr Nobody and Mr Idon’tknow come to visit they also visit me.. It really annoyed my kids and they are getting to the point now where its easier to pick up the stuff because if I do it I throw away whatever is on the floor or not where it should be.. After a few games and bits and bobs of theirs went missing and I don’t know where they went they have started to actually pick up their own rubbish… I love that it is starting to work..

    Patience is a virtue although not one of mine and I have a handy set of shackles spare if you want them lol!!!!!!

  3. Hi Kiki. I really wish that we lived near each other. So much of what you write is my life! I have actually considered smoking again, lol. The stress level is bad. I don’t write about it much in my blog – don’t know why. Maybe I am trying to forget, lol. I hope that the weekend has gotten better. Take care and here is a hug hug.


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