6.30.2009 | Tuesday

My life in pics & my devil child!

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This is what happens when the big brother gets made the slave of the little brother!  Which, in turn, means Mama gets the camera out to document the weirdness!  As always, clickable for larger pics and captions.

Apparently, Donovan is Ty's new horse!Ride 'em, cowboy!  Getalong, lil doggie!Ty's buckin' bronco!Ty's horse looks less than happy!The little crown prince, complete with chips, water and a book under there! His Royal Highness!

And a pic of His Royal Highness, as I found him this morning,… in my bed!

Sleeping Beauty and his little friend!

And, not to be left out, there are two new groups of pictures of life in Afghanistan HERE, also under “camou stuff” in the menu un the section for the current deployment.

My devil child,…
That would be Ty.  Last night, I found the evil critter michievious child wandering about with an uncapped black Sharpie.  I was immediately thrown into a panic, envisioning all the places that marker could have, well, left its mark.  Found nothing obvious.  Well, when getting some clothes for the day out of his room, Ka’lani and Scott found it.  I will give them kudos, however, because instead of immediately telling on him, they tried to clean it up and have his back, some brotherly love I RARELY see.  But alas, Sharpie + ivory wall = no easy cleaning.  The one task that even a Magic Eraser can’t handle.  All over the light switch and the wall around it.  So, I am in the market for a new kid paintbrush and some paint to clean up his indiscretion.  &*&^*&@#*&^!

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